Celiac disease in Asia

Celiac disease is a permanent intolerance to the gluten protein. To combat “celiac disease”, the only valid therapy is to follow a specific diet. The celiac person is forced to eliminate from their diet all those foods that contain even small amounts of gluten (pasta, sweets, bread, beer, biscuits, etc.). Celiac disease is a genetic predisposition disease.

CEREALS TO AVOID: wheat (including ancient varieties and derivatives with wheat germ, wheat bran, bulgur and couscous), Kamut, triticale (an artificial hybrid between rye and wheat), spelled, barley, oats and derivatives (Malt and drinks containing it).

PERMITTED CEREALS: rice, corn, millet and sorghum; there are also pseudocereals such as buckwheat, amaranth and quinoa (the latter three, if prepackaged, be careful).

If you want to travel to Asia I leave you attached some “gluten-free card” to show in a restaurant for your safety.

The disease is also emerging beautiful in Asia.

The cause could be the change in eating habits: traditionally Asians have always followed a diet strictly low in gluten, but with the westernization of their food (with the introduction of pasta and pizza).

Remember, celiac disease can occur in a person already genetically predisposed to gluten intolerance. In countries like Japan, Indonesia, Korea, this disorder is rare, given the low consumption of wheat and the low frequency of predisposing genotypes.


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